Today was a decent day, painwise. I managed to get through a routine of mobilizations, PT exercises, and breathing exercises this morning, and managed to practice a bit of tai chi this afternoon for the first time in a while. For a period over the past few months, I had enough pain that the movements required for something slow like tai chi weren’t workable for me. For some reason, having little to concentrate on and moving that slowly brought the pain into focus more, and made doing tai chi basically impossible. Today was good though. I’m on a 3-day streak of managing to keep up with exercises. Hopefully it will continue.

I’ve been trying out fitocracy for keeping my motivation to do workouts. I’ve been annoyed that you can’t input your own options for exercises–I’ve had to improvise to record a lot of the PT and mobilization stuff I’ve been doing. Today I found out that 15 minutes of tai chi is worth about 4 times the experience that the mobilizations are worth, so I may be attempting to do more tai chi as a result. Hopefully the tai chi will remain feasible.

When I screw up and do too much or too little, I have to keep reminding myself that I’m doing my best, and not to be too perfectionistic. With the tai chi, for example, I used to take courses. I know, to some extent, what it’s supposed to feel like when I’m doing it right, and I’m not up to my standards right now in that department. I am doing it though, and that’s the point, and I’ve been doing well at focusing on the fact that being in the process of improving is really more important than being at a particular point. As long as I’m doing it, I’ll manage to get better with enough time, and doing it is really the hard part.

Anyway, three days of consistent exercise without managing to over or underdo it too drastically is an accomplishment, so go me. I’m feeling reasonably good about things at the moment, which is rare. Maybe the breathing exercises are helping the anxiety.


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  1. Go you, indeed. I second your reminder not to be too hard on yourself for being anything short of perfect! This is about improving things, and as long as you are making progress overall you are a-okay. And even if you have some days when you don’t make progress — because yes, that’s going to happen — you are still a-okay. You are taking care of yourself as best you can, and that’s what counts.

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