Things and Stuff

Yesterday I was in a lot of pain. I Could chalk it up to a few different things. That’s one of the challenges of dealing with MPS–you never can know for sure exactly why things feel better or worse. The pain varies on its own, and is definitely effected by stress and exercise, so my analysis of being in a lot of pain yesterday and the day before looks like this:

A) Could be due to my attempts at correcting my weird sleep schedule.

B) Could be due to the conversation I had with parental unit the other day.

C) Could be due to the exercises I’ve been doing.

D) Could be normal variation.

My suspicion is C with a bit of B added in, personally. I was able to hang out with a friend yesterday afternoon, spent a little while cuddling and talking a bit, and that seemed to help significantly, actually. the pain correlated very well with an increase in exercise and soreness, but seemed mitigated somewhat by the cuddling, which can only be a result of reduction in stress. In particular because by itself being still for as long as I spent cuddling is usually an aggravating, not a mitigating factor with respect to pain.

So that’s my guess anyway. I do feel significantly better today, pain-wise, but pretty bad stress-wise. Unsure whether or not returning to doing PT is a good idea today. Haven’t done PT in the past two days on account of the increase in pain. Better safe than sorry.

I had a bit of a scare last week when part of my back started feeling weirdly numb after some intense use of massage tools. It’s reasonably difficult to *actually* damage yourself with them, but I do use them pretty aggressively. Upon further investigation though, I suspect this was more likely a result of using a moist heat blanket for too long.