New Workout Strategy

Since my former exercise plan seems to have been too much, I’ve been trying to work out a new, lighter one with exercises geared toward both anxiety and movement. The movement stuff is mostly mobilizations, with some walking also. The anxiety stuff is mostly breathing exercises. Most of it can be done at 5-minute increments, which means they’ll fit into the 5-minutes every hour breaks I’ve programmed into Time Out Free. I’ve been using Fitocracy to track what I’ve been doing, but am considering making use of HabitForge as well. I haven’t decided yet if I think it would be helpful. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the stuff I have to do, but I do want to remember to do it.

The current plan is roughly as follows:

Every day:

– 3 5-minute sets of neck circles

– 2 5-minute sets hip rotation

– 2 5-minutes sets spinal twists

– 5-10 minutes bioenergetic breathing

– 3 abdominal lifts

– 30 minutes walking


– Core strengthening exercises

Hoping to fit in some time each day for self-massage, either with the tools I have, or, ideally, the bath trick.

I’m still operating under the assumption that a significant portion of my pain is stress, and trying to figure out how best to approach that. I’ve decided to move out for now, and I’m still working on CBT exercises. My brain still gets overworked pretty easily, so it’s a challenge to find things to do that take my mind off of things that don’t involve too much movement or thinking. Still trying to work out how to get around my limitations in that regard. Haven’t found much in the way of solutions yet except to hope that the brainslow is mostly due to anxiety and something that will pass when I manage to get that under control better. We’ll see.

CBT is proving consistently interesting but difficult. I had a sort of manic period the other day, which was very strange, and seemed to be on account of moving my brain away from the habit of worrying so much. Hopefully that was a good sign. Not feeling as up today.