Achieving Goals

I spent a long while yesterday looking at various types of software designed to help people achieve goals. Most of it was gamification stuff that works similarly to Fitocracy–turn your goals into an RPG where you level up and such. iPhone apps for this kind of thing include EpicWin, Bloom, and Level Me Up. I’ve also been looking at Goalscape as a way of keeping track of the things I’m working on. Honestly, I’m not sure any of the stuff I looked at is stuff I’d keep up with well enough for it to be worth it. The problem with gamification is that it adds yet another level of stuff to do for every thing you have to do. Now you don’t just have to do things, you have to take careful notes of what you’re doing.

I am, however, looking forward to the release of SuperBetter, which apparently comes out on March 9th. I had no idea anyone was developing a real, online framework for this, but it seems like it might be an excellent thing to have.

I’ve been doing reasonably well at keeping up with mobilizations over the past few days, but experienced a significant uptick in pain yesterday and this morning, which is hard to deal with. I’m going to keep up with it, though, for now, unless things get unbearably bad. My goal is to get through a week doing at least one of each of the mobilizations I chose every day. I’ve been working on learning Ruby on Rails again, so so far I’ve been keeping on track by taking 5 minute mobilization breaks every hour.

Stuff is challenging, Life goes on.


2 comments on “Achieving Goals

  1. I’ve looked into the programs you’re talking about. I think you should try it, the note taking is a pain but when you look back it gives you a wonderful sense of pride. Congrats on sticking to mobilization, that takes a lot of strength to do it through the pain.
    Lots of love,

    • I think I’m going to try SuperBetter when it comes out in lieu of the others. I am using Fitocracy to keep track of mobilizations, but the rest of them, it seems like enough work that it might put me off the stuff I’m doing in the first place. I’m hoping that with something social, like SuperBetter, that part might be mitigated somewhat. We’ll see.

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