Blogging for Who?

Blogging exhaustion is a tricky thing for me. some days I feel like writing things, but too often, I get into a rhythm, and then I break it, and then I start thinking “I should probably write something today”, and then blogging goes from a thing I can do to a thing I have to do, and then I stop wanting to do it. It’s a tricky game, keeping it from being a chore.

I suppose the trick is to not worry about if anyone’s reading it really. I like the idea that people are reading what I write, but I have to be careful to write what I want to write, rather than what I think people want to read. Writing what I need to get out is what keeps me from succumbing to blog exhaustion sometimes, I think. But all the stuff I need to get out tends to be worried and frustrated and personal and shit, and I feel nervous that after a while people will just get tired of that stuff. Of course, getting out that type of shit is why I started this blog, so in a way I could tell myself I shouldn’t worry about whether or not people are interested in it, since the point is to get it out. Telling yourself that is surprisingly difficult, though.

Oh worries. You are silly.


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