I’ve started strength training, and so far it seems to be going okay. This is pretty unprecedented, so here’s hoping t stays this way. I’ve been using the Big Five routine outlined in Body by Science, so roughly once a week, 60-90 seconds time under load for five different exercises. I tried doing this a couple of times a number of months back without success, but did not, at the time, have the benefit of fully comprehending the neural aspect of increases in pain, which I think has made the difference between my being able to keep up with it and not. I’ve only done two weeks so far, but fingers crossed, no horrible pain side-effects yet.

I’m looking forward to the release of the SuperBetter beta tomorrow. If it looks like it will be helpful, I’ll probably take a serious stab at using it. We’ll see.

I do need to figure out something to do with respect to mobilizations. I’ve added a couple of other things to do every day since completing that first week, and it’s all physically fine, but it’s a long list of things to try and keep a streak going of, and I think it might be helpful for me to find a routine where I don’t have to remember to do so many different things each day. It can get overwhelming.

Roughly, these days, I’m going for at least one set of each of three mobilizations exercises, 15-30 minutes walking, 3 abdominal lifts, and at least 5 minutes of bioenergetic breathing every day.