Where to Write

So I’ve been pretty occupied this week. A friend had a wedding over the weekend that I flew out to see, and there was a lot of busy stuff that happened during the week as well. I’ve been continuing to experiment with SuperBetter, and have been liking it so far. I’ve been trying to decide on what particular goals I want to set–one of the issues that’s come up is that there are so many different types of things I want to be working on that narrowing my focus to a manageable set of goals is a challenge. When I have the concentration to do so, I’m planning on writing out a list of all of the things I would like to be doing in an ideal world every day if I didn’t expect doing so many things to overwhelm me, and then to choose a few specifics from that list to work on.

I’m also trying to decide how to proceed with blogging. Another nice thing about SuperBetter is that is provides a means of communicating with your “Allies” in recovery, which is great, but also means that it is going to compete with this blog as an outlet for my thoughts. I’m not sure exactly how to deal with that–whether I should keep blogging here, switch entirely to SuperBetter, at least for a bit, or do some of both.

Alternately, I suppose I could try to just keep writing here and link to things I write here in SuperBetter, so that people can come read them. I suppose it’s ultimately just a question of which medium serves me better–a public one where I’m writing to the world and my friends, or a more private, personal one.

Time will tell, I guess.


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