What to Do or Say

Greta Christina made a post recently about things you can do or say to help nonbelievers deal with the death of loved ones. I often have trouble articulating what I need to people when dealing with depression, and I thought that most of the insights she wrote about actually apply to just about any emotionally difficult event, so I thought I’d link it here.

This has been a weekend of good goods and bad bads. I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, and I’ve had some emotionally difficult things happen and some stressful things happen. I’ve also spent fun sexy time, and fun cuddly time with people I know. I’ve talked to friends about things.

I have found that the depression that has followed the difficult moments has felt a little different than it has at other times. Friday night I got almost no sleep, and Saturday was correspondingly a day where I had some bad moods. I knew I had done things that tend to trigger depression though, so I was able to put the moods into perspective more than usual. To think of them less as part of something unending and more as temporal responses to situations. As unique context-and-time-dependent things that will pass soon. I also managed to do that with the emotionally difficult stuff.

I think there’s a lot of wisdom to the Don’t Feed the Brain Trolls approach, and I think that may be what’s making the difference. That I’m focusing less on how I can fix or resolve the ick feelings, and more on just feeling them and letting them pass.