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Haven’t done any posts this week. It’s been a week of gradually tweaking strategies. I’ve found and been working through some new Rails tutorials, and I think I’m coming close to being comfortable enough to try doing one of my own projects on it. We’ll see.

Exercise I’ve been experimenting with ramping up. I’ve tried to make walking 30-60 minutes a day a regular thing, and I’m also trying to do at least two and sometimes three ten-minute stints on the recumbent bike in addition to that.

As part of my ever-ongoing experiments to figure out how to make cardio easier, I got myself an Everlast Reflex Bag thing. It seems to be working well so far–it takes up little space, and is a quick, easy way to do some cardio without having to leave my room. I can’t do it for too long–it’s more intense than things like walking or biking–but it’s a nice addition because it works different muscles than walking or biking do, which means I can do it on top of those without too much worry about overdoing things.

Been processing a lot of my thoughts on the break-up, and I think I’ve gotten to the point of wanting to ease back into a friendship soon. Still dealing with a lot of feelings about that, but I think they’re getting easier to deal with, and it’s getting to the point where it’s better to bring them back around to a friendship. It’s nice to be able to say that I think I’ve generally avoided falling prey to the insecurities that tend to attack around break-ups. That is to say, I’vemostly been able to avoid taking them seriously when they surface.

Also, this week I had sex for the first time in a few months. There was, as is generally the case, some uptick in pain, but it wasn’t as bad as I’ve often come to expect. I’m hoping this is good news for both the effectiveness of the strength training and that of the mental aspect of the pain. I found a new video on chronic pain that has been surprisingly helpful to think about when the pain has been worse. It provides a good mental picture for the neural origin of the pain:

I do need to start timing my programming stints a little better. So far I’ve been able to get away with setting goals for how many lessons I want to complete, but it’s important for me to know how long I’m working since that’s the thing that often most directly affects pain, and that’s the thing I want to be working on improving.

I’ve also noticed that in a general sense, doing exercises, mobilizations, etc, tends to be easier to get myself to do when I’m doing something at the same time, e.g. watching a TV show. Good to remember.


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  1. That video has so much more than just really interesting biology — it’s incredibly hopeful about the future of treatment for chronic pain. I hope you remember that, too.

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