Steady As She Goes

There hasn’t been a lot to report lately. Life continues, progress continues, but frustratingly slowly.

I’m still working on ramping up the exercise. Yesterday I walked for an hour, biked for 5-10 minutes, and hit the reflex bag a bunch. Seemed to come out of that okay. The walking was the last thing I did, and I was apprehensive about it. There’s a sense of foreboding I get with my back after it’s been worked out a certain amount. I’ve been trying to challenge that sense, which is why I decided to go fo the walk rather than avoid the potential risk, and it seems to have worked out okay. Not noticeably more pain today than yesterday. Which is good also considering that the past few days have involved a lot of sitting.

I think I may try and get a similar amount of exercise today. I’m again experiencing that sense of foreboding, but I’m thinking it’s probably better to test the limits than fear them, at least until I know for sure things will get much worse upon doing things.

It continues to seem like I significant factor in this whole process is spending time with people–that that matters as much as the movement does in some cases. Trying to keep this in mind as well.