Notes on Yesterday’s Experiment

I mentioned yesterday that I had gotten a reasonably high amount of exercise (for me) the day before, and was planning on doing the same again to test whether or not the sense of foreboding I got from it was legit or not.

I did, in fact, do things again, and felt slightly worse afterward, the sense of foreboding about doing further exercise increased.

Then after I’d done that exercise there was sex again, and this morning, while I am quite sore, it’s almost all the normal kind of sore, not the OHGODPAIN kind of sore.

I’m kind of bewildered now. I’ve gone roughly from exercise -> increase in foreboding sense -> more exercise -> further increase in foreboding -> even more exercise -> decrease in foreboding.

Oh brain, why must you be so fickle and context-dependent? It makes doing science to this problem significantly more difficult.

Though certainly this further bolsters the idea that it’s perceived physical danger, rather than actual, direct level of physical exertion that causes a lot of the pain.


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  1. As you work out, you naturally increase your pain tolerance and your muscles adjust and get used to the strain. Plus, of course, the mental aspect.

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