The overdoing it from a week or so ago is still with me. I most definitely pulled a muscle in my arm and another in my leg. They’re doing better now than they were, but I definitely won’t be attempting weightlifting this week. I’ve been advised to keep from weightlifting until I’m 30-50% past feeling like I’m fine, and while I feel better at the moment, I can still feel the injury there.

In a general sense, I’ve been improving still, I think. I’ve had some pain issues over the last week, but on account of being injured, the past week has involved a lot more sitting still than usual, so I actually think the week has been a positive sign more than a negative one. I know I didn’t used to be able to sit for nearly this long without significantly more pain, so that’s good.

Getting myself to program has been hit or miss, but has been slowly progressing.

I do think I need to figure out some ways to more regularly check in with people about how things are going–the social aspect of recovery lately has been lacking, and it’s much harder to work on untangling mental issues without having some sort of regular checking in with people. Figuring out some manner of regular check-ins that will work is going to be one of my goals over the next week or two.

The weekend was unreasonably stressful for a combination of reasons including but not limited to lack of sleep. Still recovering from that.