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So I haven’t updated in a while. Not a whole lot new has happened. Slow progress as usual, hampered still by the pulled muscles and being sick (yay sick!).

I do seem to have managed to get to a point of physical fitness where I can walk for an hour a day without it making my back worse if I do it for several days in a row. This is definitely good news. One upside of not being able to lift weights is that I haven’t had to spend a few days with shit muscle strength recovering from the workout. It’s enabled the experiments with walking.

My internship is getting intimidatingly close now. I just today got housing arranged for most of the trip. I definitely think my physical health has improved significantly over the past few months, but the next month or so may be more challenging. Pain is triggered by anxiety, and approaching the start date of this internship without really knowing how it’s going to turn out is likely to be anxiety-inducing. I’ll be doing my best to counteract that and to not freak out too much.

I’ve started to reach out to people in the new area so I’ll have at least some acquaintances by the time I get there. Hopefully that will help.


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  1. You are going to rock this internship. I really think you have nothing to worry about. It sounds like a great place, and I’m sure they’re going to love you there. To some extent, yes, it’s unknown, but the probability distribution tends overwhelmingly toward favorable. 😉 Deep breaths, dude.

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