Transitioning The Blog

So my posts about chronic pain are slowing down somewhat. This is for a combination of reasons. Partially because there’s less to say these days–recovery has morphed into a slow, steady, unexciting process that seems to be going well but slowly.

Diablo 3 came out this past week and since I was very sick and incapable of doing much else, I played it the day it came out. For almost the whole day (with various breaks). When I started this blog in February, I had trouble sitting down for a half an hour straight.

This is not to say that sitting that much didn’t have consequences, or that I feel like I’m out of the woods. I don’t at all. I have to continually remind myself how significant a change that amount of sitting is even now. Because the reality is that dealing with and accommodating my MPS–building my day around the reality that it exists and that I need to plan my days carefully around the risk factors that come with it–is still my life in many ways. So it doesn’t feel all that different.

But it is different, and I’m going to keep working on it, exercising, etc.

But I’m thinking very seriously about transitioning this blog from a blog about chronic pain to a more general one. I’d still like to write about chronic pain when I need to, but there are a lot of other things I’d like to write about that I don’t feel fit all that well into the subject matter I started this blog to write about. So I’m thinking of changing the name, and the layout, and a few other things to facilitate my feeling comfortable with doing more general writing about things. On account of not having one single place to rant about the things I like to rant about I tend to post rants on random different online accounts, and having a unified place to rant about relationships, gender issues, sex, culture, and the other sorts of things I’m prone to geeking out about on a daily basis would be nice.

So I may do that. I don’t know if that means people will have to find it to follow it again if I change the name (since that will change the URL and such)–does anyone know how that works for RSS feeds or WordPress or e-mail followers, etc?


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  1. Not much you can do for RSS, but for your followers, a “meta refresh” tag will go a long ways. Make sure to leave a decent delay and some words about the fact that the URL has changed

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