Collected Analogies

Continuing the analogy fun, here are some analogies that I’ve found particularly enjoyable, insightful, or useful. Like I said, I enjoy collecting them:


On Sexism: Sexuality is Like Money

On Privilege: Difficulty Settings

On Privilege: Dogs and Lizards


On Dealing with Jealousy: Fixing the Refrigerator

On Jealousy and Negative Metaemotions: Not Feeding the Trolls

On the Idea of Ownership in Relationships: My House

On Brain Problems:

Working on Mental Issues: Your Brain as a Garden

Invisible Illnesses: Spoon Theory

Suicidality: The Hot Stove (from here in my blog)


On the Religious Burden of Proof: The Sausage Machine

On Why Your God Isn’t Moral: The Ogre Story

On Not Needing God to Be Moral: Hamburgers and Morality

On Why Nice Religion is Still Problematic: Listening to the Hair Dryer

On How Religion Looks to Nonbelievers: Kissing Hank’s Ass

On How Radiometric Dating Works: The Popcorn Analogy

On Why Atheists Don’t Care About Threats of Hell (video)

And finally, not a link, just a from a comment on a blog I read somewhere a long time ago:

“Trying to understand someone else in terms of your own thoughts and feelings is like trying to get from Boston to Los Angeles using a map of Albania.”

Anyone have other ones they think I might like to add to my collection?