Alright, getting down to it. I’m officially moved now, and it’s hot as hell here and no AC.

The car trip over was not as bad as expected. I drove across the country over four days, averaging about 8 hours a day. I anticipated this would be a perfect recipe for horrible pain, and it turned out not to be. I had some periods that sucked, but overall, my pain seemed to correlate more with the stress level of the driving than the duration. I felt worse after a half-hour of annoying city driving than four on the highway.

The more experience I get with what does and doesn’t cause pain, the more it seems like the key is as much in the stress of the activity and the level of neurological stimulation it provides as the amount of movement. I once asked Paul Ingraham in an e-mail about whether strengthening exercises were better with or without movement (e.g. crunches vs. plank), and he said movement was better because it was more neurologically stimulating. I wonder if this was some of the trick with driving: perhaps being engaged in the driving itself played a role. Additionally, though, it was very easy to change positions frequently while driving, especially on cruise control on the highways. A slightly adjusted seating position can do a lot to alleviate pain or to postpone its onset.

Having arrived here, I’ve been trying to meet people and keep occupied. This has been exhausting, but not entirely unsuccessful. I’m still incredibly intimidated by actually starting work, as I’m still not sure how I’ll fare physically working for 8 hours a day. Why sitting in an office seems to be so much worse than sitting while driving I’m not sure, but it seems to be. I think it will help being engaged with people, though, rather than sitting at home.

So…some good stuff, some bad stuff. Lots of fear as the moment of truth approaches and I actually start working. I also need to figure out if I’m going to get an air conditioner. It’s hot as balls here, and the place I’m staying doesn’t have any. Suck. Also, this means I’m not sleeping as well as I could be, due to heat. I’ve gotten a fan, but with the weather as hot as it is, it really isn’t enough, and casement windows are making the prospect of getting an AC that will work in my room look bleak. I’m open to any advice on that front.