Status Update

Well this has been a week of freak-outs.

Have decided to stay in the area for longer than I originally planned, and I’m now looking for a year lease somewhere nearby. We’ll see what happens. I’ve discovered that getting mail at the place I’m currently staying is harder than…something pretty hard. I’ve also discovered the joys of trying to switch insurance plans.

Additionally, I’ve discovered that I have a halfway decent chance of getting hired here, but that is contingent on my learning a tremendous number of things reasonably quickly in an effort to convince people I’m all smart and such. This is gratifying and terrifying at the same time.

Back pain still seems to be relatively under control, though there are bad days and good days. I’m getting more exercise than I have in a long time, generally at least 2 hours of walking a day. I’m trying to find a place where I’ll have to walk at least 20 minutes or so to get to work so I know I’ll keep that up. We’ll see what happens.

All in all, there’ve been a lot of freak-outs this week, but I’m basically okay. Still slowly managing to meet people, and that seems to be going well, if slowly, and with a certain amount of anxiety.

So…that’s going on. A bunch of people visited here and read my post on harassment at atheist conferences, and then linked it, which was really cool, though I feel like I did a bit of a bait-and-switch with them, blog-wise.

“Here, read my thoughts on issues in the atheist movement, HAHA, I TRICKED YOU YOU’RE TOTALLY READING A BLOG ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE!”

So hopefully no one was too disappointed.

It’s interesting trying to keep a balance of rants and real-life things here. Even though I like ranting, if I do it too much I burn out, and I always assume the personal life stuff is uninteresting to anyone who doesn’t know me, though it’s generally the more cathartic option.

Thoughts, thoughts…

Seriously, though, fuck the people who deal with mail here. They have been astoundingly bad at it. I have at least two pieces of mail coming my way soon and I have my doubts about being able to get either of them, given this week.