So I’m officially panicking once more about finding housing. A few different promising places have ended up going to other people for various reasons, and the clock is ticking ever closer to the date I have nowhere to live. Not much to this update, really, just being terrified of everything.

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  1. You’re a smart, competent guy and you’ve been working really hard on this. Something will turn up. What’s the worst case — do you have a friend you could stay with for a week or two if you need something to fill a gap?

    • I do have some contingency plans involving couches. My biggest apprehension aside from finding a place at the moment is I literally do not have enough space for everything I own in my car, so if I’m not staying at a place I’m actually moving into, it’s a bit complicated.

      • Hrm. I don’t know what the system is like there, but perhaps the place you’re staying now could hold a packed-up box or two for you in a storage room for a limited period of time … ? Depends on how often you use all the things you have there, too, I guess.

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