I’ve officially moved into the new place. Seem nice so far.

Work has been pretty much the same: lots of learning, but also a fair bit of corresponding stress. I find out tomorrow what new project I’m on and when exactly the internship is going to end.

I have a lot of differing feelings about that, but mostly I’m hoping that I’m able to extend the internship into September and that I manage to make it a job. It’s a good work environment where I’ll learn a lot.

Still, trying to pick up as much learning as I can in my free time has been taxing and stressful. Wasn’t really expecting to have homework this summer, but there you are. Finding a balance between “I need to learn everyone and impress everyone” and “I need to not end up babbling about RSpec tests in an insane asylum somewhere” is a significant challenge. Really wanting to do well in a job as challenging as this is a perfect recipe for triggering the unhealthy bits of the perfectionism of a perfectionist like me. So freak-outs are still happening.

That said, I seem to have been doing reasonably well in general over the past week or two. I had a review this past week, and my feedback was generally pretty positive, so I think I have a decent shot at making this thing work. If I don’t, I’ll still have picked up things, so trying to concentrate on that.