Life Update

Internship is officially over. I have mixed feelings about it overall, but I picked up a lot of stuff and I think I’m well-positioned to look for a job as soon as my classes and such are all finished, so that’s good.

One thing that made me happy is that I got my final feedback the other day, and the guy I had the meeting with told me the feedback I got was, quote, “eerily similar” to my own self-feedback. I always tend to be a bit apprehensive about self-evaluation, so it was awesome to be in a circumstance where I could verify that my own assessments of my capabilities were on-target. Inter-rater reliability being important and all.

Some reviewing of what I’ve observed about my pain issues over the course of this experience is in order.

I was very nervous when starting this internship that a 40-hour work week would be more than I could take. As it turns out, though I did have good day and bad days, it didn’t work out that badly. I’m honestly more worried about myself now, not being on a regular schedule, than I was then. The job kept me on a regular schedule where it was easy or required to be social for a large part of the day, get outside, and do work that took concentration. Now I have to enforce that structure on myself, which is never as easy.

Things I’ve noticed that seem to help with the pain:

  • positive social interaction*
  • getting outside
  • being in flow
  • getting some movement in every few hours**
  • changing positions regularly***

Things that hurt:

  • stressful interactions
  • hard chairs

I’ve also taken to fiddling around with exercise regimens, and exercises. The thing about exercises as PT, is it’s not just about them being things you can do, they have to be things you will do. They have to be repetitive enough to help, but not so monotonous that you’re too bored to keep up with them. I’ve always rather enjoyed making little contraptions to accomplish various things, and my latest has been strapping an unweighted barbell to my torso so I can rotate the two ends in small circles as an exercise. I’m sure it makes me look ridiculous, but it’s not half bad as a repetitive, relatively satisfying style of exercise.

I’ve been getting a significant amount of exercise lately. Hopefully my few Twitter followers don’t find those updates annoying–it’s a good place to record what I’ve been doing, and I’m hoping to track how I improve. It is frustrating to have the time and energy, but not the muscle endurance, to exercise more than I’m doing now.

My next steps in terms of work are fiddling with my own projects and self-educating as much as possible. Soon I’ll be the greatest developer in the world. Probably.

Life goes on.

*Pair programming seems to be an excellent way to enforce this

**I took an hour walk every lunch break if I could–the difference in how I felt in the afternoon was significant between when I did and didn’t manage to do this.

***swivel chairs with a lot of adjustment capability are helpful for this