Life Update

I’ve been busier this past week than weeks before. As I mentioned, last weekend there was strategizing done on how to be more productive, the result being a plan to enforce working at least 3 hours a day 5 days a week for a start. I’ve been keeping up well so far, and I’m actually having some fun getting practice with HTML and CSS on a project of mine.

I’m still a little lower than I was a few weeks ago, but a little better, definitely, than before I’d started working with the current productivity strategy.

In sex-related news, I’ve been taking a closer look at how to make decisions about safe sex in the context of being sexual with people who have STIs. It’s a complicated decision that I’ve had to think through a number of times recently. These days who I’m having sex with is a question with a regularly fluctuating answer. I don’t have any very reliable way of knowing whose risk tolerance I might need to be considering along with my own at a given time. I do keep a record of sexual history so that people can make informed risk assessments with respect to me, but when faced, in the moment, with a decision about what level of risk I’m willing to accept, I can’t be sure who else’s risk tolerances I might be surpassing or not with a decision. I’m asking myself both, “What level of risk is acceptable to me?” and “What level of risk is going to be acceptable to other people I might be interested in being sexual with?” Makes the question significantly more complicated.

Thoughts, thoughts…