Life Update

So it’s about time for another one of these, I think.

Things have been going decently well lately. I’m finally all registered up for school, I’ve got a job-like thing using Rails, and I’m meeting people.

I have, as I mentioned before, been having some issues being productive. I did set myself a quota for work during the week, but found that I have concentration issues trying to keep up with that. This was unexpected and frustrating, given that I didn’t have similar issues when I was working 40 hours a week over the summer. My best guess is that the social stimulation helps keep my ability to concentrate going. Either way, I want to find a way for that to not be a problem. I’ve been looking at ways to work in a social setting. Nothing really promising so far—the search continues.

I’ve been really frustrated with my body lately. I’m still healing from injuring my arms about 5 months back now, and I’m learning as well that I need to be very cautious with ab exercises. It feels like every time I get into exercising something new happens to keep me from being able to do it. I have been keeping up with biking insomuch as my level of in-shapeness allows. Improvement on that front has also been aggravatingly slow.

On the brighter side of things, I seem to have been able to tolerate an enormous amount of sitting lately. Very strange, given how much trouble that’s  been historically. I still have bad moments and bad days, but in a general sense, these days, stress has been the principal aggravator of symptoms when compared with sitting.

The blogging has been an experience of surprising extremes lately. A lot of people seem to enjoy the things that I write, which has been wonderful to hear. Absolutely wonderful. On the other side of things, I’ve been dealing with some problematic commenters on some of my recent writing, and have been trying to figure out how best to deal with that. It has, at times, been incredibly exhausting, and I have even greater sympathy now for the people in the Atheism+ community in particular who have to deal with so much worse on a regular basis.

Being social has been a bit challenging lately, since my weeks don’t have any enforced social time, and I’m at least a quarter-hour of travel from any places where social things happen. I’ve been thinking about getting back into dancing, perhaps contra dancing, once my body is all healed up. The wait for that to happen is frustrating. I would probably be healing faster by doing regular PF-ROM exercises, but I find it difficult to get myself doing them regularly.

Depression has been hanging  around in a non-committal sort of way, lately. Not in an extreme way, just in a sort of general bored/malaise sort of way. Not even really a way that I think I would label depression. More like, there’s a sense of the potential closeness of depression, but not an immediate sense of it. I need to get out and do things. Problem being a lot of the things I want to do require my body not to be so fucked up. Frustration.

All in all, moving toward a number of goals in a frustratingly slow way.

I am getting much better at touch-typing, though, so that’s good. And I most likely tested out of English for the final time this past week. So that’s also good.