FUCK YEAH WE WON, and Why I Think the Internet Will Kill the GOP

I voted Obama (are you shocked?!), and I’m incredibly happy with this election. In brief: fuck yes!

In slightly less brief: Obama: awesome, gay marriage: awesome, Elizabeth Warren: awesome, first openly gay rep elected: awesome, legalization of marijuana: about time we stopped wasting money keeping it illegal.

I’m not just happy because of those wins, either. I’m happy because I genuinely suspect that the GOP’s days are numbered, and that this is another inevitable nail in the coffin. I suspect this because of data like these:

You see that age distribution? I don’t think that’s a transient thing. I don’t think that’s just happening with Obama. I think that’s a trend that’s going to continue to lean further and further away from the GOP as time goes by. I think their days are numbered, and it’s because I think those numbers are a result of each subsequent generation having more and more access to information via, among other things, the internet. Each new generation will have an easier and easier time finding access to real information, to fact checks, to solid policy analyses, etc. To put it bluntly: when the facts win, the GOP loses, hard. As long as the accessibility of facts continues to improve, I think it’s only a matter of time before candidates like Santorum are laughed and shamed off the political stage, and any politicians associated with the GOP as it operates today become unelectable.

They’ve done this to themselves. They’ve nurtured the far right of their base, and pushed their base even further right in doing so. The only way they keep the serious right-wingers with them is to continue cycling further right, and the only way to keep cycling further right is to further divorce themselves from the facts. The future GOP has two choices: spiral into conservative oblivion, or reinvent themselves into a party with positions that aren’t so obviously, blisteringly at odds with reality. Either way, whether or not they see it yet, I think the GOP of today is doomed. They’ll hold on for a while; I’m not saying there aren’t potentially a few tough elections ahead. Long term, though, they’re doomed. The writing is on the wall. A party so energetically divorced from facts cannot survive in a world where facts are coming out more consistently, rapidly, and accessibly with each passing year.

In brief: fuck yes!


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  1. While I think that some issues we believe in (such as marijuana use and gay marriage) will become normal as we age, I think that believing that because you are liberal when you’re young means you will remain liberal as you age is naive. Yesterday’s radicals are today’s Baby Boomers. I bet if you had asked them in their youth if they would be voting for Mitt Romney in their old age, they would have scoffed. But history shows us that people typically do become more conservative as they age.

    • Do you think they become more conservative, or do you think that the world shifts left? I’ve heard that before, but my instinct is to interpret it not as that people get more conservative as they get older, but that the world tends to shift left as it gets older—that it’s not that people get more conservative, but that the world gets less so, and so people are more conservative relative to the world as a whole as they get older.

  2. I’m thinking that the crazy right-wingers are going to claim the GOP completely, and the moderates will join the Democrats, which have been moving rightward as well. This will create a vacuum for a true left party to come up and I think the Green party will fit that bill. Give it a few decades and the Republicans could be gone the way of the Whigs before them.

  3. GOP in order to be viable again is going to have to get that teaparty boil lanced and healed. And they cannot do that easily, it will be like getting shit out of the drinking water. You can’t do it where you drink – that much filtering is very expensive because it is never-ending. You have to deal with the source.

    I’ve come to the same conclusion you have, information is very easily obtained now, and a LOT harder to hide. Generally, the Internet is liberal, the conservative elements out here – used as they are to hiding their bullshit – is smaller and insular and more hateful probably because of their self-imposed isolationist mindset. They hate how open the Internet is. It works against them. They miss that they do this to themselves. It is very … religious. Very party line do this don’t question only read us beware the devil- er, liberals!!! Republicans did NOT used to be this bad. This rabid lying hateful core group is poisonous.

    • Sometimes I wish I’d been around long enough to know that they hadn’t always been this bad. I really haven’t had political awareness long enough to notice significant changes. I only started being genuinely politically aware maybe a decade ago.

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