I find myself of two minds about Skepticon this year. On the one hand, it was a mixed bag emotionally and full of a fair amount of stress. On the other hand, I met awesome people and it was awesome and I really want to go again.

I’m not sure how to reconcile those feelings, but ultimately, they translate pretty well to a sense of, “These are my people; I have to see them again”.

It’s the little moments that add up. Getting to chat with Stephanie Zvan. Meeting Miriam of BruteReason. Talking with Jesse Galef.

More generally, I just love the language everyone uses at Skepticon. Everyone seems to care deeply about the accuracy of their words. Strong statements are couched in verbal error bars, conjectures are labeled as such, care is taken to use appropriate language, speakers remind audiences not to take them at their word. Nothing is holy, with the possible exception of citations. Phrases like “evidence-based sex” are uttered. Poly is talked about openly and skeptically. Diversity speakers are applauded when they criticize the skeptic movement.

I feel like these are my people. I feel like going back.

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  1. Yay! I’m so glad we met and also that you had a (generally) good time. Cons can be trying for people; that didn’t really happen for me this time but I know what it’s like.

    Also, I believe I was the one who originally said “evidence-based sex,” in which case I am very proud.

    • Yeah, most of the cons I’ve been too I’ve wanted to tap out after two days. This was sort of the reverse: I wanted to tap out after the first one but not the latter two.

      I think I realized Skeptic conventions were a good idea when I went to Dragon*Con and found myself spending almost all of my time in either the science or skeptic tracks.

      Also, for the record, you should go to WIS2 if you possibly can. I was lucky enough to be there for the first one, and it was super-fantastic. Hoping to make it out there again this May, but not sure if I will or not.

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