Limbic Kisses

I just posted two quotes to Tumblr (from an apparently excellent asexuality blog I just discovered) and then realized that if I combine them I get the perfect recipe for when I tend to feel like kissing people.

Quote #1“Believe it or not, when you have a good conversation a certain part of your brain, called the limbic system, actually syncs up with the brain of the person you’re talking to. Like, if both of you were sitting and chatting in an MRI machine your limbic systems would sort of pulse in unison.”

Qoute #2“In my experience touch helps relationships when it expresses and reinforces emotion, it should occur after some activity (a conversation, a particularly powerful dance party) that generates emotion that needs to be expressed.”

So here it is: I like to kiss people when our limbic systems are synchronously pulsing.



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