Pain Notes from Traveling

I recently went on a vacation with family. It was an excellent trip, and there’s some related writing in the works, but for now, I’m taking pain notes, because I want to make sure to have records.

Average level of pain on the trip was higher than my recent usual. No one obvious reason for this, but several possibilities:

  • I didn’t have the usual furniture I have at home that I’ve picked out specifically because it seems to work best for my back
  • Traveling is stressful
  • Jet lag affected me more than my reasonably solid amounts of sleep would suggest
  • Wasn’t doing usual PT/workout routine, which is more comprehensive than just walking around all the time

I was significantly more sore than usual as well. Not a pain-y kind of sore, just a normal, recovering-from-normal-exercise soreness. They feel noticeably different and the latter can be quite pleasant, really. This was expected because I was getting way more exercise, mostly in the form of walking, than I usually do. I’m a little surprised I didn’t get more sore, actually, because my own experiments have suggested that a top limit for exercise every day for me is somewhere between 30-45 minutes of biking and a bit of walking thrown in. I was walking for hours most of the days I was on vacation, and while I spent a lot of time pretty sore, I definitely held out doing way more exercise than usual without much adverse effect. I would really like to think that’s something I could keep up at home without adverse effect, but I’m not sure if that would work, because I’ve tried it a number of times before and it’s generally seemed like a bad idea.

I’ve been dealing with a repetitive stress flare-up for the past month or so. I’ve been hoping this would blow over like it has done at times before, as ratcheting down the typing hasn’t really been an option lately due to school stuff. It hasn’t yet blown over. Very frustrating, given that I just started a job that requires lots of typing. I suspect that may have been the catalyst. My computer use hasn’t changed much lately, but the percentage of computer use I spend actively typing has definitely increased on account of the job. Nervous about how this might impact my work.