A Note to Myself upon Return from Skep-tech

So, I have just returned home from Skep-tech, and this post is mostly an important note for myself, but I’m putting on the blog because I think it’s an important strategy for people with depression issues to keep in mind.

I am not, at the moment, experiencing severely exacerbated depression symptoms, but there is a very high likelihood that I will within the next few days. I’ve just returned from a con, so there will be con crud, and I got almost no sleep for the past two days, and I’m returning to a work and RSI situation that has been, and is likely to continue to be (at least for a while) pretty stressful. This is important for me to keep track of because it means that if I do experience exacerbated depression symptoms over the next few days, I will be better able to keep it in perspective, and to more accurately process the emotions that result as the consequences of immediate and temporary circumstance, rather than some sort of greater existential despair issue, like my brain always likes to pretend.

When I’m dealing with depression, it can be incredibly helpful to keep track of the ebbs and flows, what causes them, how long they last, etc. That way, when things are worse, I can keep in mind what triggered them, and keep in mind that in the case of literally every single previous period of things being worse, things got better again. If I keep track of how long the ebbs and flows often are, I can even get a halfway decent idea of how long it may be until things get better.

The long and the short of the conference itself is that I got to hang out with an enormous number of incredibly smart, conscientious people for an entire weekend, and that is hands-down my favorite hobby ever.


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