An Observation

I realized something pretty awesome the other day. Throughout my life, I’ve tended to find people or groups of people on the Internet that I respect and admire from afar. People who write and think well about interesting things. People who are thoughtful, mature, intelligent, and conscientious. After enough time passes, I always seem to manage to find a way to meet these people. Whether it’s by spontaneously deciding to visit, or happening to be briefly in the same location for whatever reason, I’ve managed to meet a lot of the people I admire most in the world.

And I’ve found, to my surprise and delight, that it always seems to end up that they like me, too. It always seems to turn out that my heroes – the people who I admire specifically because they exemplify and value all of the traits that I most value — see enough of those traits in me to enjoy having me around.

In spite of all of the times I’ve looked at myself and asked, “Am I really adding anything of value to the world?” I have to admit that the external feedback seems to be pretty consistent. The external feedback from the people whose feedback means the most – the people most likely to value me for the things that I want to be valued for — my heroes, and my friends — is pretty much unanimous in the conclusion that I’m an enjoyable person to be around and interact with.

So that’s something.