Here Is a Graph of My Feelings

Sometimes, my life is a parody of itself.

Regular readers of this blog have probably picked up on the fact that I’m a fairly analytical person. Perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than when I have conversations about feelings with people.

Yesterday, I had a long conversation with a friend about feelings and the nature of our relationship. It was a conversation that involved trying to account for a lengthy collection of dynamic and uncertain feelings for both of us. It was really, though I don’t necessarily mean this in a bad way, like my life was parodying itself.

Get me in a room with another analytical person and some complex feelings to sort out, and the conversation that comes out involves almost as much statistical and predictive mathematics-type language as feelings language. I have said to friends in the past, and this conversation was no exception, that feelings conversations for me feel a lot like taking out graphs of our brains and showing them to each other and taking comparative notes.

“This might happen in my brain, but I’m not sure how accurately I can predict…”

“I have a few data points on that.”

“It seems like really what we’re talking about is risk mitigation*.”

“I think I am probably closer to the mean than to the standard deviation.”

In conclusion, WHAT IS MY LIFE?!

*It was at the point that my friend used the phrase “risk mitigation” yesterday, that I had to pause the conversation for a moment to process just how much my life is exactly like my life.

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