Pretty Much My Life

So, yesterday I’m putting away clean dishes in my kitchen, and I realize I have gotten tired of all of the music I have been listening to recently, and I try to think of some music to put on while putting things away.

It occurs to me that One Direction is probably popular for a reason: because they are actually catchy, and I decide to rock out to them in my kitchen while putting dishes away because I am an adult and I can do what I want.

What Makes You Beautiful is the second song on their Top Tracks on Rhapsody, and I find myself being defiantly rhythmic (in-your-face, universe that looks sideways at people who have grown-up jobs rocking out to ridiculous boy bands in their kitchen!) while doing my best not to feel uncomfortable rocking out to a song with culturally problematic implications.

Fast-forward to today, I find myself once again considering those culturally problematic implications. I wonder if maybe imagining the line as, “Girl, you know you’re beautiful – that’s what makes you beautiful.” would be less problematic.

Then I realize that, really, if I were expressing my own personal opinions, the line would be something like, “Girl, you use the word vivacious in casual conversation”, which, syllable-wise, it’s just not going to work.

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