Fancy Schmancy Website

I feel sort of depressed after writing out that whole last post about scary difficult scary scary difficult things, and didn’t want to end the posting day on that note, so:

I am writing a really pretty website and it is really pretty and I am super impressed with myself about how awesome the parts of it that I am finished with look and how awesome the rest of it will probably look when I’m done and I just want everyone to know that I am super amazing at designing websites and you should all be envious of my fantastic talent and skill and… talent. And skill.

Also Wellbutrin seems to be being fairly helpful for me this time around, which means that as long as I can find ways to manage the insomnia side effect, I have found an antidepressant that actually works for my depression.

So anyway some things about my life are pretty cool. Also I do not believe it is an understatement to say that when I finish with this website it will probably be the single most aesthetically pleasing thing produced by a human being since the dawn of time. Dawn. Of. Time.

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