Pick a Topic and Stick with It

Every now and then I tell someone about my blog and they ask what it’s about, and my answer is “Hold on, let me see if I can remember the entire list of things…”.

Now there are even more things.

Pretty much every “how to have a successful blog” advice piece I have ever read says “pick a topic and stick with it”, and I basically started out failing at that and have increasingly added even greater degrees of failing at it over time.

Welcome to my blog, it is about like twelve very specific things I hope you like the same twelve things I do!

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3 comments on “Pick a Topic and Stick with It

  1. I do like the same twelve things you do! Or, well, if I don’t “like” them all, I find your treatment of them interesting. So go on posting all the things if you want to.

  2. From the category of people who follow this blog because they think you are awesome in real life, I’m glad you blog about ALL THE THINGS rolling around in your head. For those who follow for their particular interest, that’s cool.. can they just follow a tag? Cuz I’d hate for their advice to deter you from posting all the things 🙂

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