Say Something

One more thing about Ferguson:

Please, please, please, to all of my followers, if nothing else, talk about this. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything new to add. It doesn’t matter if you can’t add some unique, insightful angle. Just talk about it. Say that it’s unacceptable. Write that it’s unacceptable. That it’s horrendous.

Maybe you can’t join protests, and maybe you can’t afford to donate, and that is okay. But the least any of us can do is to talk about this. The least we can do is to add our voices, however small or large they may be, to the rest of the voices speaking out against this. The least we can do is to say, out loud, that this is happening, that it’s appalling, and that it has to change.

Doing that matters. Every single person doing that matters.

Say something.

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