Pain Quote of the Day

About chronic pain, but also applies pretty well to depression. Just because it’s a brain problem doesn’t mean you can magically think it away:

Can we think pain away?

“Alas, no — pain neurology can’t be manipulated simply by wishing. The brain may powerfully control how we experience potentially threatening stimuli, but I’m sorry to report that you do not control your brain. Consciousness and “mind” are by-products of brain function and physiological state. (Deep, eh?) It’s not your opinion of sensory signals that counts, it’s what your brain thinks of it — and that happens quite independently of consciousness and self-awareness.”

Paul Ingraham


If I have a Grand Unified Theory Of Everything, it’s this: I believe that people always do things that make sense to them. Hard as it is to believe with all the hurting out there, almost nobody hurts others just to be a jerk. So if you want to change human behavior on a grand scale, you can’t tell people “stop being a jerk.” You have to dissect and then recreate their models of the world until being a jerk doesn’t make sense.

-Cliff at

I don’t agree that telling someone to stop being a jerk is never the thing to do (sometimes when the elephant is driving, blunt force trauma is the only thing that will stop it), but I do think that this is excellent food for thought.

Pervocracy on Jerks

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